Remembering Jamey Lynn Campise

                  10/08/1973 to 01/06/2022



Jamey was born a Texan, born on October 8, 1973 as Jamey Lynn Lewter. He weighed 7lbs 7 oz. At Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston Texas. His mom Denise Lewter, and he lived with her sister, his Aunt Nita. Nita had two girls, Jamey's cousins (current name) Tammy Zapoli & Trudi Ness (current name). Later on Nita married Dan Hines. Dan was a great influence in Jamey's life. He got Jamey a job as a transmission mechanic .


Denise's other sister was Lisa Lewter Pylate, Jamey's Aunt . She had two children and they were Joel & Kelly Aleman. who were Jamey's cousins. Joel & Jamey were 1 year apart and they spent a lot of time together growing up. Jamey had a birth father but he was not in the picture he knew about Jamey. Many years later Jamey looked him up.  But sadly he had passed on some years before.


When Jamey was 3 or 4 months old Denise met Frank Campise, he was a friend of Denise's sister, Aunt Nita. Frank and Denise got married in 1974. Frank was not Jamey's real father, but Frank loved Jamey and wanted to do the right thing for Jamey so they had Jamey's name changed to Campise. Denise & Frank stayed married for 6 years and then in 1980 they divorced.  Jamey attended Durkee Elementary School, in Houston Texas. In 1982 Denise met and married Richard Gilbert. They moved to The Woodland Texas. Richard had two children from his previous marriage, Richard & Christine Gilbert, becoming Jamey's stepbrother and stepsister. Jamey with his new siblings were all in Richard and Denise's wedding.

Jamey attended Lamar Elementary School 1982 -84.  In 1983 Denise had a baby boy, Matthew Gilbert and Jamey became a big brother . 

In 1984 When Jamey was 11 years old. Richard, Denise, Jamey & Matthew moved to Bakersfield CA with Richards job at All American Pipeline. They moved to the South side of Bakersfield off of Panama Road. In 1986 Jonathan Gilbert (Jon) was born. In 1988 Bradley (Brad) was born in 1989 Lori Gilbert was born. All born in Bakersfield CA. When Jamey was in his late teens, He got mixed up with the wrong crowd.  Ultimately ended up in Juvenile Camp in Chino California. Then in 1994 he was 20 when he was incarcerated in Tehachapi State Prison for one year. He met Leaann before he went to prison and she went to visit him often. Feb 8th 1997 Jamey married Leaann McMahan he got himself finally lined out .  

If you asked a hundred people who Jamey Lynn Campise was, they’d all give you a different story. A loving husband who survived through many trials and tribulations, a grandfather (Papa) who could accomplish anything in this world, a father who took in children not of his own and formed a bond that can never break, a mechanic who knows any vehicle like the back of his hand, an uncle who turned more into a father with advice that you cannot pay for, a friend who would give you the shirt off his back, or just a man with the life experience to guide him and others through any given circumstances.  

Jamey was perhaps, all of these things and then some. What he was, was a storyteller. For the 48 years that Jamey was alive, he had an answer to most situations that anyone in his family or friends were going through and would always stop what he was doing to help. No matter the occasion, Jamey had a story.  It’s no surprise that Jamey was seen as the hero for most of our memories. Jamey and Leaann together, helped raise their three children into respectable, loving human beings who stayed loyal to their family as to what was taught to them. 

Jamey never had children, but he took in his wife Leaann's children, Bradley Garrett, Ashley Baugh, and Shane Baugh as his own. Jamey had a love for children that eventually expanded into his grandchildren, Dylan Garrett, Carson Shephard, Thomas, Tyler, and Travis, along with relatives children looking up to him as a Papa as well. Jamey was a mechanic at heart and if you knew him, you know that to be true. His love for classic cars was more than anything else in this world and he could tell you every single part down to the screws in a vehicle. Most of his career was in the oil fields where he took pride of his work and slowly built a respectable following within that field.



Jamey's family asks you for one thing proceeding his death.....and that is to keep telling stories and helping others. It is our stories that connect us and unite us. It is through our stories that we can change the world and if not the world, at least one other person. 


"Did I tell ya? Then it must not be any of your damn business."

Jamey Campise


Jamey and his wife Leaann along with their three kids, Brad, Ashley, and Shane



(Wife) Leaann McMahan

You are the love of my life &I know you loved me with all your heart, I wish I understood why you left us, Love your wife forever💋❤💔


Jamey and his best friend, Big Terry who has also passed.